Miriam Wolf. Yoga. Dance. Massage. Ferocity.

I have always been in love with moving my body. This passion has expanded into a belief that the health of our hearts, our brains, and our bodies are innately linked, and that the movement of the body on a daily basis leads to not only a lightness of the corporeal self, but a lifting of depression and an overall enhancement of the quality of ones life

My ongoing interest and curiosity about how we as humans can better function on physical, mental, and emotional levels is what drives me to create classes that are simultaneously creative, challenging, thoughtful, and compassionate.

Costa Dulce, Nicaragua
April 2-9, 2016

Leave the long cold grey New York winter behind and discover a magical hidden wonderland. Channel you’re inner child and come fly away with Miriam and Lindsay.

Barefoot luxury, Rustic serenity, Nature immersion, Yoga playground, Surfing Sweet-Spot, Hammock Heaven.

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Video of the Month

Going through deep shifts in you’re life is challenging, to say the least. Studying with Ana Forrest last month was revolutionary. Yes, she made me face hard truths about myself and my choices, but she also gave me access to my warriors heart, tools to engage and rejoice with my spirit, and a path towards speaking and standing in truth.  There is pain, sometimes quite sharp in change, but the alternative is a static, unfulfilled, dull life. And when you start to move from truth and without fear, a beautiful thing happens: you grow wings.

Upcoming Workshops

Integrity, Body, Energy

How to weave intelligence, strength, and spirit together to take you’re practice to the next level.

Saturdays January 9th thru January 30th, 2016 from 1:00pm – 3:00pm
YogaSole, Brooklyn
Cost: $175

To register and more information: http://yogasole.com/workshopsseries/integritybodyenergy.html
Space is Limited, Sign up Now!

Ferocious Flow Immersion Weekend

Love hive yoga, Portland Oregon
Friday March 10th through Sunday March 12th, 2016.